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We are Creative Kids Accredited.

If you wish to claim your Creative Kids Voucher. email us the voucher number, along with your child's DOB. We will process your voucher and send you a personalised discount code to use at the check out. 


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Ages 5-9yrs & 9-13yrs

ART LAB is a fun, mixed media class that is the ultimate mash up of art and science. During the term you could be learning about paleontology, marine biology, history, chemistry, space, just to name a few. At the same time you will learn about artists and art techniques like painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and print making. This class is all about unleashing your creative genius. You will make awesome art works but also get excited about learning.

COST: $22 per week.  FREE TRIAL class available

Class available:on Wednesdays 3.30-4.30 for 5-9yrs and 5-6pm for 9-13 yrs.


Leaves Drawing

Ages 9-13yrs

DRAWING LAB is a class focused on developing skills of observation, capturing what you see but also translating your ideas on to paper. Drawing is an extremely important skill because it helps our brains observe reality but also capture abstract concepts, or feelings through a simple stroke, on a piece of paper. We will break down and truly understand the science of 2D and 3D images, how our eye perceives tones and shapes. We will continue referring to the world of art and science for inspiration.

COST: $22 per week.  FREE TRIAL class available

Class available: Friday, 3.30 - 4.30, for 9-13yrs



TEEN LAB is designed to provide teens with an opportunity to develop a strong art practice. Each week students are shown a variety of styles and techniques to build their skills but are also given the freedom to explore and develop their own work. It is artistic freedom with guidance and is a type of class students would experience at a fine art university.

COST:  $22 per week. FREE TRIAL class available

Class available: Thursday, 5-6pm for 13-19yrs


Ages 10yrs and up

PORTFOLIO LAB are small size classes, tailored to the individual students. The aim is to develop an art portfolio as a part of entry into a creative art high school. This is best suited for students that already have an established art practice. The classes will help you fine-tune your skills and collate a portfolio that showcases a variety of your works. One of the most challenging elements of the whole process is the interview time. We will work on that as well. You will develop skills and confidence to present yourself and your work in the best possible way.

COST: $22 per week. FREE TRIAL class available

Class available: Thursday, 5-6pm

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