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1 May - 5 July

10 week term I $22 per class 

Payment Plans available

Have a look below for the week by week breakdown of various art and science themes, using art for emotional self awareness, ancient history and learning new art techniques like wax art and how to alter polaroid photographs.

Week 1 - Science of Dreams
Looking at the latest findings from sleep researchers, we will learn why we dream, how dreaming can help our creativity, mood and can help us understand ourselves better. This will be explored through painting, drawing and learning about surrealist art movement.

Week 2. - Exploring our Emotions with Art
As little or big people we feel many things but sometimes it is hard to find the words to express them. We will look at how art can help us get the whole spectrum of feelings out of our heads and on to the paper or turn them into sculpture. We will watch a wonderful video from Tate Kids as an inspiration and look at artists that deal with the same topic.

Week 3 and 4 - Encaustic Art
Last term the students really enjoyed exploring working with wax. Over the next two weeks we will learn various wax art techniques, using different surfaces, dies and ways to layer our drawings and paintings within the wax. This will be a wonderful experimental workshop, focusing on learning new art techniques.

Week 5 - Egyptian Clay Masks
Inspired by the amazing collection of Neue’s Museum in Berlin, we will learn about ancient Egyptian masks. We will look at the stunning bust of Pharaoh Nefertiti and other gorgeous masks from the collection. The students will make their own version of a clay mask, fit for a pharaoh. This is history meets art.

Week 6 - Polaroid Manipulation
We are learning a fun new technique of manipulating polaroids to create photographic transparencies. This will introduce the students to chemicals involved in the photographic process and ways to interfere with this process to create interesting effects.

Week 7 - Once Upon A Forest
Artist and forester Maria Westerberg, shares her journey of learning from the forest, how it helped her overcome challenges in life, how it inspires her art and the amazing project of re-wilding the forest she cares for. We will explore this theme through painting, drawing or sculpture, using natural materials and clay.

Week 8 - Tiny Wildlife Shelters
We will be learning about the innovative project that combines wildlife conservation and design. Dr Alex Carthey of Macquarie University noticed that after bush fires, local wildlife had no shelter to hide from birds, foxes and cats. Tiny shelters are made by Sydney design studio as a way of providing the small native mammals to hide, while the bush regenerates it self. We will use imagination and innovative thinking to design our own version of tiny, wildlife shelter.

Week 9 - Altered Books
Diving into the the world of paper art and bookmaking we will learn how to make a concertina book. We will learn techniques folding and creating multi-layered perspective using clever windows and pop-ups.

Week 10 - Marbled Clay
For the final week we will learn now to make marbled clay using coloured clay slabs. We will learn how to dye the clay using various pigments along with the marbling technique. The end result will a beautiful clay artwork, swirling with colour and patterns. Also don’t forget it is the end of the term and we always have an arty party with treats and music.


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